CAA approved Remote Pilots

CAP 722

caa approved drone pilots

Blue Pixel Limited

GVC Specific Category
UAS 12561


Fully Compliant with EC 785/2004

Authorised by the CAA to fly UAS Operations in UK Airspace

We are authorised by the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority) to fly Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace following all ANO (Air Navigation Order). Due to security reasons, we only disclose the Remote Pilot’s CAA registered Flyer ID and Operator ID on the Proposal.

FAQs on CAA approved Remote Pilots

Are the Drone Pilots Qualified?

Yes, all our pilots are CAA approved Remote Pilots, and we comply fully with all requirements that the regulatory authorities insist on. We are also fully insured.

Are the Pilots Insured?

Yes, our pilots are insured with £1 million in public liability insurance which is compliant with EC 785/2004.

Do the Pilots Look for Obstructions before the Drone Survey?

Yes, we look for Masts, Wires, Buildings, Trees, Rivers, Canals and Industrial areas.

What is the Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)?

During the entire duration of the flight, the pilots keep the aircraft in sight in other words it’s called Visual Line of Sight. The pilots also make sure that nothing impairs the VLOS at any time.

Do the Pilots need to do any Crowd control?

If needed, we take adequate permissions from the relevant authorities to do any crowd control.

What Precautions Are Taken in Case of Congestion Areas Like Central London or near Airports?

Once we receive the quotation request, we check all the parameters and if it is in any restricted area we take relevant permissions from relevant authorities, please note that extra time is needed to obtain these permissions.

Health and Safety Requirements?

All due diligence of risk assessment is taken care of as required for the survey.